Changes in The UK Immigration Laws

All the Details You Need to Know About the Changes Made to The UK Immigration Laws Are Given Below.

The government of UK has offered you some new visas this year. Their government has also made some important changes to their existing visa programs. All this information given below will be highly beneficial for you.

Seasonal Agricultural Pilot Program:

The government of UK has offered you a new visa in 2019 called the “seasonal agricultural pilot visa”. You and other people from the non-European countries will be given visa of six months to work in the agriculture department of the United Kingdom. Pro-Force and Concordia will recruit the labours.

Changes in the Sponsor Tier 5 Visa for Religious and Charity workers:

Changes have been made for this visa program which is hugely important to you. This is basically a short-term worker visa, non-immigrant and no permanent residency. If you have this visa, you will have to go out of UK for 12 months after your visa expires. After those 12 months, you can apply again.

Changes Made for ILR And Permanent Residential Rules:

If you have the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) visa or the permanent residency of UK, the government will now safeguard the rights of your spouse, life partners, and unmarried partners. If your relationship breaks up due to some domestic violence, the government will safeguard your spouse/partner and will help them in getting the ILR or the other type of visa as per sponsorships. Registered refugees have also been given the same right as per the new regulations.

Changes in the Tier 4 Student Visa:

If you are a student who relies on the student loan or an official sponsor for the funding, you now will not need to show your funds for 28 days period. All you have to do is to showcase your funds when you send in the application.

Changes Made in The Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa:

Non-graduates will now be included in the “Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur” visa system.


New Visa Being Set Up for Businessmen:

If you experienced businessmen and want to do business in the UK, a new visa is being set up for you. For this visa, you will need an endorsement from a UK based sponsor.

Changes Made in Tier 2 ICT Visa:

If you are a worker having this visa and you want to continue your studies into the post-graduation, you will need approval from the department of ATAS.

Changes Made in The Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa:

This Category is widened for you in 2019. If you have a higher education degree in science, arts, Engineering, Technology and Humanities, you can apply for this visa. Annually, 2000 people are selected for this visa program.

The UK government has made some important changes in the rules and Regulations of their visa programs and have also introduced new visa programs that may suit you the best. All the changes made are mentioned above and they are as per the new UK policy of 2019